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Hemp Bag Wholesale

Let's explore a world which works at run on zero carbon emission and natural products...


We are from Pushkar which is a beautiful town located in India. Pushkar is well known on the world map for its culture as well as its export business. 

Our office and factory are situated in Pushkar. We have been manufacturing export quality products for almost 10 years. We have been dealing worldwide in various products for a long period.  We are dealing in hemp backpack, mini backpack, small backpack, cross body bag, sling bag, make up pouch, tobacco pouch, box backpack, string bags, tote bags etc. We have exported our products worldwide to almost every country. We are the government Certified exporter. We are manufacturing Hemp products in various categories on a large scale which are handmade and eco friendly. We have more than hundred categories in Hemp products.


We can provide you with various Hemp product in Reasonable price. We are using good quality fabric to manufacture Hemp products. We keep our stock ready to ship. We keep a full stock of fabric to continue supplying products which are in trends. Our Hemp products are made by local artists who have been designing and making these products since their generations.


We are exporting our Hemp products to hundreds of buyers in different countries. We are looking for a genuine buyer like you who can share perfect business bonds with us. We can provide you with a multiple range of Hemp products at a reasonable price. You can keep as an optional supplier who can deliver you various Hemp products from India.



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